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The Lone Star FAC Sqd activity list for 2008

Here's a short list of the Fun Flys we have remaining, thanks to Duke for setting these up. The listed schedule is tentative in nature and is done only to provide a framework for our mutually shared enjoyment of all things aviation.

  • February 9th, Saturday @ North Beach
  • March 9th Fun Fly @ Dallas bottomlands*
  • April 19th @ North Beach
  • May ? Yet to be scheduled
  • June 21st & 22nd, Texas Scale Champs
  • July ?

    (*)In the event of inclement weather on dates shown we will adjourn to nearest location providing liquid comfort. Lets get together and share some fun flying experiences

    On good weather days, one of us is likely to be at the North Beach location just trim flying. Give us a call!

DFW Locations

Fort Worth - North Beach

Dallas - Bottomlands

Contact Us

It's very important that you can contact us an get directions, help, and assistance in building and flying models. Let us know if you are interested in joining us for a scheduled event or just to get together and talk airplanes.

Mike Midkiff - via email
Rich Adams - via email
Duke Horn - via email

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