Attention FAC Squadrons:


The Magnificent Mountain Men Club

wants YOU

To fly FAC WWII Combat in Denver over Labor Day weekend, 2009


$100 cash to the winner !


Second through last place receive ZERO dollars (Gentlemen, this is COMBAT!)


The rules:


This special event is just one small part of the 44th Rocky Mountain FF Championships weekend, which features more than 40 competition events in every FF discipline from FAC (ten events) to AMA, FAI, SAM, and more. Three days of flying (September 5-6-7) in our glorious late-summer weather, with (typically) light winds and shirt-sleeve temperatures. Oops! Did I forget to mention our 27,000-acre (5 x 7 miles!) flying field?


Visit Or email the Contest Directors:


Don DeLoach     Jerry Murphy